Whole Life Insurance

Nowadays, more and more people have started to seriously take into account the possibility of investing in a life insurance annuity such as low cost term life insurance.

tips_to_have_a_happy_familyWhether the reasons behind this attitude consist of the permanently changing times which leave most of us oblivious to what tomorrow might bring about, or to individual financial struggles which differ from person to person, one aspect clearly stands out: people need quality financial coverage, and they are willing to pay good money in order to obtain it.

The insurance marketplace took notice of the increased demand of product and developed new and enhanced policies meant to fit the budget and meet the needs of all audiences, from children to senior citizens. Life insurance comes in two main forms: permanent and term. Depending on your needs and on how much money you are willing to spend, you can choose between a policy which offers unlimited coverage but is somewhat expensive and a cheap, efficient annuity which doesn’t necessarily guarantee a pay-out.

A middle ground between permanent and term insurance is universal insurance, a policy which combines the cheap rates of term life with the permanent protection of whole life. However, if not managed properly universal insurance could lapse, leaving you uninsured.

Individuals who want to avoid the stress of a medical examination or whose health condition might obstruct their pursuit of the ideal life insurance policy can buy a no exam term insurance policy. Annuities such as graded benefit, guaranteed acceptance or simplifies issue life insurance can have one insured within the week, requiring the sole completion of a form with medical related content. No exam insurance is, however, very expensive, thus we recommend that you keep it as a last resort.

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