Life Insurance Without Medical Exams for Clients Who Have Pre-Existing Health Problems!

Suffering from a disease or a disability is one of the most unpleasant things on the planet.  The quality of life is drastically reduced and some activities become impossible to do. Even it may sound unbelievable, you can still benefit of life insurance services while sick or disabled.

heart-attackThere are policies specially designed for this type of persons.  You can always apply for life insurance without medical exam for clients who have pre-existing health problems. No exam policies offer a higher degree of tolerance, but there are pros and cons.

You will find two types of companies that provide life insurance without medical examinations. The first company provides automatic qualification and do not ask any medical question.  It is the easiest way to get coverage even if you are sick. But it is probably the most expensive one.  The company knows that it gambles a lot by providing coverage for a person with unknown medical history. Asking for more money is just a way to compensate for that risk.

The second type of company is interested to know more about your medical condition.  There are some medical conditions that will make the company refuse you. People with a terminal condition, HIV/AIDS or cancer are typically excluded.  So, unless you have those conditions, you will be accepted.

The only problem is finding a plan suitable for you.  The insurer will give you a questionnaire with several medical questions. The number and topic of medical questions varies for each company.  If you do not have serious medical problems, you will be accepted for simplified issue no exam life insurance plans. Otherwise, you will be eligible for guaranteed acceptance insurance plans.  We should also remind you that final expense insurance is also a no exam life insurance policy.

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