What Information is Required for Getting a Life Insurance Quote?

Completing a life insurance quote might seem easy and fast. It really is, but only if you know how to fill it in and only if you know some personal details about you. We will tell you what information is required for getting a life insurance quote. This info is required for all types of quotes, from term life insurance quotes to universal life insurance quotes.

happy family looking for insurance1)     Your location. You will have to insert the ZIP code of the place you live or to select it from a list.  This will make sure that all received results are available for your location.  Plus, you will find out the existing local insurance companies.

2)     Your age.  Younger applicant will benefit of better rating and cheaper insurance. Your age is extremely important for insurer and usually, you will be asked to sow your ID card at the beginning of the negotiations session.

3)     Your gender, weight and height. These details are important for calculating some indexes, especially the BMI index.  This tells the insurer if you are overweight, underweight or you have a normal weight.

4)     Health status. You will have to choose between various options like: Excellent, Good, Under treatment or other terms. All that matters is to input data relevant for your condition. You will find adequate quotes for your status. But, when you come face to face with the insurance representatives, they will ask to take some medical exams or to present some medical documents. It would be unpleasant for the insurer to notice that you have lied right from the beginning about your health.

5)     Tobacco usage. The most common question about smoking is “Did you smoke in the past 12 months?” If the answer is “yes”, you will be classified as an active smoker and your premiums will be increased to compensate for a greater risk.

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