3 Tips to Help You Keep a Life Insurance Policy Active During Retirement!

Almost all citizens that retire earn less and it becomes difficult to pay all the premiums for an elderly life insurance. We present you 3 tips to help you keep a life insurance policy active during retirement.

Senior-couple-with-papers1)    Give up gambling or other risky investments.  Many of us like to play poker or go to casino and gamble.  Fortune is not always on our side and if we continue betting, this addiction will make you lose important sums of money.

Also, making some risky investments does not always go well. If you do not want to end up penniless, you should quit these habits. Most money is made with brains, not with luck.

2)     Quit smoking or drinking too much. We like to indulge ourselves with fine drinks, cigars and other vices that keep us relaxed. But in time, these vices are hurting the organism. And what is worst, they hurt your budget. Sure, you may think that buying a bottle of wine   or a pack of cigarettes once in a while is not that expensive.

You may be right, but if you begin to do it regularly, you will notice that this little passion of yours becomes pretty expensive. And, when you draw the line, you begin to realize how much you have spent on 100 bottles of wine or 200 packets of cigarettes. Clearly, this money would have served better for other purposes, including paying your premiums.

3)     Talk with an insurance agent or try to renounce to some extra options and riders. The cost of life insurance is also influenced by the extra riders and options you included.

You can renounce at some of the riders, like accelerated death benefits or waiver of premiums, but only if you are sure that those riders are not useful. This matter should be discussed only with your insurer.

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